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Native SSMS Functional Shortcut Keys

The most popular are:

 F5 – Execute selected query or All queries within the current Tab;

 Ctrl-R – Show/Hide Result Panel

 Ctrl-Tab – Switch between tabs

Less popular, popular but very handy:

 Ctrl-Shift-U / Ctrl-Shift-L – Change selected text to upper case or lower case;

 Ctrl-K+Ctrl-C / Ctrl-K+Ctrl-U – Comment/Un-comment selected text;

 Alt-Break – Cancel Query execution;

 Ctrl-L – Generate Estimated Query Execution Plan;

 Ctrl-M – Turn ON functionality to Produce Actual Query Execution Plan;

 Ctrl-T / Ctrl-Shift-F / Ctrl-D – Switch between output to Text, File or Grid;

 Ctrl-J – List Members from IntelliSense;

 Ctrl-F5 – Parse selected Query or All queries within the current Tab;

 Ctrl-F6 / Ctrl-Shift-F6 – Cycle between Code, Grid Result and Messages

Native (not-changeable) SSMS Query Shortcuts:

Alt-F1 – sp_help

Ctrl-1 – sp_who

Ctrl-2 – sp_lock

SSMS Query Shortcuts Implementation:

To set these manual shortcuts you have to do following:

  1. Press Alt-T + O, which will bring you to SSMS Tools and Options.
  2. Go to "Environment -> Keyboard -> Query Shortcuts"
  3. Select the shortcut you need and insert the query into second column's cell.
  4. Open a new tab and try your new shortcut